Friday, June 1, 2012

My Very First Post.

Hello Fashion Lovers,

My name is Tatiana, 20 years old. First thing first "blogging" has grew on me. I tried to be a blogger multiple times but it has been a failure! And I'll tell you why, designing the actual blog will take hours and I will get frustrated also, I wanted to rush the blog and make it awesome. But it takes one step at a time. I'm ready to take charge!!!

More about myself: I've been a fashion lover since the ages of 10-12. Fashion has been great passion of mines and I just didn't love fashion overnight it been with me for years. I notice I wanted to be a Fashion Designer at the age of ten. I've been sketching ever since. The passion for becoming a fashion designer is basically my goal in life. I went to sewing school to help my techniques of sewing which has help me to design clothing without patterns.

I am a up and coming designer. Be on the look out for my future clothing line. I design and make clothes without patterns.

- Tatiana "Courtesy of Fashion"