Monday, January 28, 2013

Leather then and Leather now.

Does fashion repeats itself? Yes, it does and it will forever be that way!
Why? In my opinion I believe fashion trends will forever live on. They go out of style and come right back.

One of the season trends is LEATHER! Most, might think leather has just come into style. But it hasn't! This season leather was just the "it" fabric for all designers and the best looks for all the hottest females.

Years ago I remember leather being very expensive! But today, leather has gotten cheaper because most stores make faux leather/pleather. It's nothing like real leather though the quantity of it is just amazing!

↓↓Leather outfits then and now! ↓↓

1. Take a look back at Destiny Childs when leather was in style! Yes amazing for the trend but the designer didn't do so well.

2. Two quick outfits I created for the leather trend now. Most people think leather has to be black, I prefer color! Tan and burgundy leather gives me life!
- Designers

Marc Jacobs

My all time favorite designer is Marc Jacobs. Marc has put out collection after collection for years and he never seems to let his audience down.

Marc clothing speaks for itself, I will describe majority of his collections as conservative, chic, elegant, and superb. Marc fashion shows are to die for. He is an huge inspiration to me. I will love to accomplish what he has done and more.

" I will love to talk about Marc Jacobs all day long and this post will be super long"

Check out some of Jacobs pieces below

-Tatiana Courtesy of Fashion