Sunday, February 3, 2013

Small closets?

I know all women wish they had a huge walk-in closet? Or better yet a room for your clothes? I do!!

Sometimes we have to work with what we have. Small space can look amazing! That's where organization takes place! Organizing small space can work.

Managing your space- Hang clothing that's worth hanging. Such as: Coats, Jackets, Blazers, and Trousers. Hoodies, Sweaters, Jeans can be folded.

Hangers- Hangers can make a big impact on your closet. Having identical hangers in your closet will look perfect. But if you run out of hangers, you can use either wired or white hangers . "Section after section" to make it look more organized. I prefer dark brown wooden hangers. Ikea has a great variety of hangers.

Clothing- I can't forget about the actual clothes, you have to put in the closet. Creating a swell closet with little space. Color coordinating, coordinating your clothing is a good way to organize! From whites, pastels to purples and blacks.

Space on the floor of the closet?
Shoes, Shoes, and more shoes. The shoes your don't wear as much can go in the back of the closet. For the shoes you wear often can go in the front. So in this case you can slip on your shoes and leave! You really don't have to color coordinate your shoes but if it works better for you go right ahead.

Space above/ Shelves?
This space can consist of jeans and sweaters! Sweaters don't need to be hung because hangers stretches out the actual shape of the sweater. Jeans definitely don't need to be hung because folding will be your best bet. Coordinating colors can work with jeans and sweaters.
- Another organizing tip for jeans is light to dark or destroyed, distressed, skinny, and flared!
- Another tip for sweaters is seasons. Example: autumn/winter stack your autumn/winter sweaters on top and spring sweaters at the bottom.


Creating a small space can go a long way.
"Until next time"

- Tatiana Courtesy of Fashion.