Friday, March 15, 2013

Mia Gold Collection

Hello viewers,

Today I will be talking about an up and coming designer. The name of her Collection is "Mia Gold".

The name of the brand is catchy and it drives attention to all fashionistas. The unique way she designs is amazing.

I had a chance to interview Mia via e-mail just to get more from her as an designer and also what goes on behind the photoshoots and into the sewing machine and threads! Take a look.

Interview Below

Blogger: When did you know you were interested in fashion ? How old we're you?

Mia Gold: I became interested in fashion in high school. I went to a performing arts school so I was surrounded by creative people. When I was a sophomore I started making pieces to wear to school because I hated repeating outfits. So I guess you could say it started there. I was 13/14 when I began sewing.

Blogger: Are you a self taught designer or you went and/or going to school for fashion design?

Mia Gold: It's a mixture of them all. My father taught me the basics & I taught myself how to sew from trial & error & picking my father's brain about certain things that I didn't understand. I'm currently in school for fashion merchandising, which is basically learning the retail side of clothing & after I'm finished ill attend a school for fashion design.

Blogger: How will you describe Mia Gold clothing in three words?

Mia Gold: Sassy, chic, & quality

Blogger: What makes your clothing stand out?

Mia Gold: My clothing is custom made. Each piece is made to fit the customer & the quality of clothing is also great because of the care & time I put into each piece. I use unconventional material which sets me apart from other designers who gravitate towards spandex & mesh materials.

Blogger: Where do you see your brand in five years?

Mia Gold: Lord willing, I pray that my business will have taken off & my clothing will show at NY, Milan, & Paris fashion week. I hope to even make custom pieces for people as a fun hobby.

Blogger: Who is your favorite designer?

Mia Gold: Laquan Smith would definitely be one of my favorites. He is so young and has already accomplished so much as a designer. He sets hisself apart from most brands & also custom makes pieces which most fashion designers can't do. His new collection is absolutely beautiful & his craftsmanship is unbelievable.

Blogger: Do you try to send out a message when your making your clothes?

Mia Gold: No, I haven't really thought about that. I can say that I love to create wearable art.

Blogger: What is your inspiration?

Mia Gold: My inspiration would def have to be young women. I want to create quality pieces that still allows them to maintain a certain amount of sexiness without revealing every portion of their body. I want young women to feel beautiful no matter what they are in.

Had a wonderful interview with Mia Gold. She's such a talented designer! I believe you have what it takes in the fashion industry just keep striving through. Good luck with everything and I wish you much success in the industry! Maybe our collections will showcase in London Fashion Week one year. To one up and coming designer to another.

- Tatiana Courtesy of Fashion