Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well dressed Males.

Afternoon Bloggers,

It's nothing like a well dressed male. A guy that can wear street clothes and then switch up to an up scaled suit can totally win my heart. Knowing and learning about style and/or fashion isn't just for women! A lot of guys are into fashion, it doesn't mean they're gay but simply means they are up to date.

Loving a guy in a suit. Males shouldn't be afraid of color. Because color works!! Switching up your style can be amazing but cautious. Most males tend to stick to the same clothing, that they're comfortable in. Take risk and let yourself be the judge of your wardrobe. Males: "If you like it I'm sure it's a least one person or more waiting to do the same style" Trendsetter!!!!!

Most males look up to music artists and think " baggy pants while showing your underwear is so cool, NOT!" Be yourself! It's nothing wrong with putting on a well tailored suit.

Getting dressed up shows maturity. So don't think otherwise just because most guys stuck in the "baggy pants trend" doesn't mean you have to! I'm not saying wear a suit every day but just know when to pull one out of your closet.

P.S. I believe males just have a least four suits in their closets. A black suit, grey, navy, and printed (pinstriped) may be go out the box and purchase a paisley print. Just joking guys but if it works go for it.

- When it comes to fashion there are no rules, well maybe just a few. Take notes fellas.

@Dailystylebattle - Great stylist
@Symosquiat - CEO of LoveYaFace clothing
@Hobbsismyname -
@Change_makers -Owner/designer of Anderung clothing.

- Tatiana Courtesy of Fashion.

Beautiful Females!!

In today's society most young black women don't acknowledge other young black women. I don't think that's right! We should all be a helping hand to one another. Give credit when it's due, and help each other to succeed. I'm right aren't I? In my opinion many black women always think its competition when you enter a room. Instead of giving compliments such as: ( your beautiful or I like your style) us as women tend to look others up and down and the young lady will never hear the compliment because "the hater" will never say anything. It's a shame! ( I'm speaking in general)

These four beautiful ladies that I decided to do a post on are not only beautiful but intelligent, go- getters, and fabulous young women. These young women and I follow each other on a social network "Instagram". As, I follow these young women I see that they are striving for the best! Hey! It's absolutely nothing wrong with that!! Picture perfect as you can see but it's more to them than just a "pretty picture". Lets go beyond the picture and I'm gone to tell you some things that I know from just following them in Instagram. :)

The first beauty: Minnie Myers (top left)
- It's a weird story how we started following each other on Instagram. Okay, her last name is Myers and mines is to! It's awkward hearing Myers as someone last name because you don't hear that often. So, when I came across her page I instantly followed her and we began to hold conversations to see if we were related. Also we gave each other lots of compliments. Until this very day we might be cousins. But if we never find out she still will be my cousin.
- She's a lovely mother that loves her child unconditionally, if you saw Ilan ( her daughter) you will fall in love as well. ( Ilan will be feature on the blog very soon)
- Minnie carry herself as a lady should. Classy, Elegant, and a Precious jewel.

Second Beauty: Deosha (top right)
- This young lady and I met in high school we were on the same cheerleading squad. And we has some good times from laughing, making cheers, and getting mad because we lost the cheerleading competitions. ( LOL)
- Deosha haven't gave up on her passion which is modeling and I hope you keep pushing for the best! Don't give up love because the camera loves you. You're just growing up before my eyes. I hope you will be modeling for my clothing line one day!

Third Beauty: Helen (bottom left)
- Hey! Helen. I knew Helen since third grade and we became so close. We were besties! We grew apart as most people do in life because we both took different paths but she's still my friend. ( good paths might I add. LOL)
- Now, Helen is living in New York City working on becoming a inspiring actress. While attending school in NYC she just so stylish in the New York streets. I love your wardrobe. Style is everything but having your own style is amazing.
- Push for your dream love bug, and I know one day you will be on the big screen. Because I will be chanting for you.

Fourth Beauty: Shamirah (bottom right)
- Shamirah and I met in middle school through her cousin. Me and her cousin were friends in school so that's how I met Shamirah. She's growing up so fast I feel old but she's only a year younger than me!
- Shamirah attends Pennstate University reaching her goals. I'm not sure what's her major but I know books over boys. Her grades are outstanding.
- She's is an inspiring singer we talk about doing business together. When everything comes together about her singing career than that's when I come in and make her outfits for her appearances/performances. Stay focus doll.


- Tatiana Courtesy of Fashion (Sorry this was such a long post. I had a ton to say) XOXO