Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscars 2013

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Today I will be talking about the Oscars 2013 even though I'm two days late I just had to put my two sense in about all the gowns and how people were styled.

I came up with five different celebs that I thought looked amazing! It was very hard choosing the number one top look but I manage to go with a elegant look.

Look number 1: Naomi Watts
This dress was well put together and fit her well. The deep cut made the dress meaning it gave the dress personality . Without the deep cut the dress would of looked "blah". With my crazy imagination I can visualize it. The sparkle dress made Naomi look mature. Because usually when you think of sparkle you think about little girls. She deserve the number one spot.

Look number 2: Halle Berry
It was so hard debating between Naomi and Halle although I had to make a decision. But as I'm writing I think Halle should be number one. Halle always looks stunning no matter what she has on or what hair style she is rocking. Let me just say Halle is a good looking women. The dress Halle wore to the 2013 Oscars was costume made by Versace, yes Versace! The structure, design, and the silhouette fit her perfectly! She gave the dress spunk. Job well done Halle!!

Look number 3: Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron look was superb!! She made the peplum top so elegant and chic. I'm not sure if it was a top and a skirt or just a gown. I'm pretty sure it was a gown. The embellish design on the peplum was beautiful! The train made the fabric flow very nicely on the red carpet. Her hair cut was mature and styled nicely. Charlize Theron jewels was very exquisite. The natural look fit well with her gown.

Look number 4: Nancy O'dell
A lot of people didn't speak about her outfit but when I saw it I fell in love. Nancy dress spoke to me. "I might sound a little crazy" but what I mean it gave me life! I love how she took a risk and wore blue. Everyone tried to play it safe and stick to the whites, neutrals, blacks and silvers. But Nancy took risk with a high split. Also, she played with lots of blues! I can tell Nancy is all about fitness cause her silhouette looks stunning.

Finally look number 5: Stacy Keibler
Stacy looked simply but chic. The silvers, blacks, and sparkle. I love the design and abstract of the dress. The back of the dress really won me over.

- I know this was a long post viewers but thanks for reading while I share my thoughts to the world. Come back and see more posts!

- Tatiana Courtesy of Fashion