Friday, May 17, 2013

Fashion Dont's

Today I will be talking about things that make women look not so flattering. "fashion dont's"

So spring is here and summer is approaching!

1. Bras/ Bra straps showing, for example wearing white tanks, t-shirts, or blouses with colored bras. The worst fashion don't. Its not flattering or classy. be mindful men don't want to see a coral (any color) bra underneath a white shirt.

2. Leggings/tights- Ugh! So is it just me? I dislike seeing women wearing leggings with a short shirt or jacket. It doesn't look cute. Leggings are made for the gym as workout gear, leggings can be worn with a top but asymmetrical or long sweater ( fall look with high knee boots) or even leggings can be worn as long Johns for a layer in the winter

3. Non- Season clothes. The sun is shining and humid weather. Why should I see ugg boots? People should dress for the season. it's no way I should see a maxi dress, skirts, or shorts with winter with sheep skin boots! NOT ACCEPTABLE. 

Check out pictures below!!

Hello To All

Hello to all,

I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart I'm so sorry for neglected my blog for a few weeks. To my audience, today I will be creating more post for you guys. I haven't been posting lately because I am a college student and with finals going on things get very stressful. I hope everyone accepts my apology, and no this isn't an excuse its just life. Hope you all understand. 

Love you fashion blogger Tatiana