Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Morning Fashion Lovers!!

Here's where elegant meets chic.

I'm not quite sure who the designer is, I believe this dress is from ASOS. This dress gives so much character. This dress has velour, mesh, and lace! I like to call this dress " winterized" because it is made for the winter.

This dress can work at any event during the cold months. The dress from ASOS can be paired in so many ways.

Ways you can style the dress:
1. Diamond Studs
- Black or Opaque stockings
- Heels ( Your color of choice to add color or you can wear black to play it safe.)
- Oxfords ( Oxfords will be good if you don't want to where a pair of heels, oxfords can still be fashionable)

2. Hair pushed back into a bun.
- Black framed eye glasses ( For a more professional look)
- Clutch ( color of choice or even a black and white combo)
- Boots ( boots will forever be trendy!! Flat or Heel boots will work.) Of course over the knee boots will look great!