Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vintage Fabric

Good Evening Bloggers, Fashionistas, and viewers!

This evening I decided to talk about a vintage fabric. This fabric might be friends with you or can be your worst enemy.


Plaid is one of my all time favorite fabric. Plaid will still make fashion history years from now! I have to admit its just timeless! Plaid can make a person look upscale or won't flatter the person at all, depending on how you wear it!

The material of plaid can look amazing as blazers, shorts, pants, shirts, etc. Plaid rocks!
Mixing plaids can work as well. Bold, neon, or plain plaid will work in your closet because its an all time vintage piece! Don't be afraid of prints because maybe it can be your BFF.

- Tatiana Courtesy of Fashion