Monday, June 24, 2013


Hello to all,

Today I will be blogging about my favorite people I love to see on the social media Instagram. I love everything they wear. There style is amazing.

Nini Nguyen - Formally known as NiniStyle. She is celebrity fashion stylist, designer, and a famous blogger. Everything Nini wears is stunning. The pieces that she owns are very chic. Her style can switch from sophisticated to tom boy chic.
@ninistyle - Instagram

Soraya De Carvalho - Known as  Styleismything on Instagram. Every time she post a picture, its very upscaled and couture. From designer brands to not designer brands she makes everything looks flawless. Her fashion sense comes natural.
@Styleismything Instgram

My next Insta-Icon is Zhanna Romashka. She's a photgrapher and of course a fashionista. Zhanna outfits are just perfect. I was so stoked by her style. She loves hats and rock them very well. If I can describe her style in one word I would use "astonishing".
@ZhannaRomashka Instagram

I may do a part 2 for Insta-Icons. I enjoy acknowledging other people style. Until next time folks.

-Courtesy Of Fashion, Tatiana Myers