Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy 78th Birthday Grandma!

Hey Bloggies!

This post I will get a little personal! This post still will have some fashion talked about in this post. 

Happy 78th Birthday to my lovely grandmother. Wow! She's simply blessed. God is truly amazing. Spending time with my grandmother over the years has been an amazing experience as I got older it has been even better. 

We would have slumber parties just us two, full of good meals and snacks. "Licks Lips" (LOL). Good conversations and just laugh until we fall asleep. 

This woman means so much to me I'm thankful that I have a bond with her. 

I told her I was gone to feature her on my blog today she said, "Ok Ta" my Queen, My Grandmother, my older BFF. Love you and enjoy your day. 

P.S. I truly believe that I get my fashion sense from her. So elegant even on her down days. My fashionable grandmother. 


Until next time- Tatiana 
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