Saturday, August 24, 2013

LaLa Anthony x 5th and Mercer

Happy Saturday To All, 

Two days ago, LaLa and her stylist Jason Bolden launch some new exclusive pieces from there clothing line 5th and Mercer. Hot or Hmm?? 

Let me just start off my saying LaLa always looks stunning going to every event. Her glam squad seems to never disappoints me! From head to toe Mrs. Anthony always is in an elegant statement garment. 

LaLa and Jason Bolden release a dressy jumpsuit a while ago and the hit celebs were spotted in the 5th and Mercer black and white wide leg jumpsuit. Don't get me wrong I love a jumpsuit. Very versatile  mixed with comfort and style. 

Take a look at some of the pieces from there line! 

Very plain and basic but still has some stylish things, the pants with the stripes and pencil skirt with the gold back zipper. In my opinion we all have seen this before!!! Why do celebrities have clothing lines? For extra money? I'm sorry I'm not please. 

I've saw these styles over and over again! Yes I believe these style can be worn as a selective elegant garment but its nothing that will scream "I have to have that" the collection is pretty much boring. 

If the viewers are getting confused these are my opinions for my fashion blog! Please be mindful of that. I'm such a fan if both LaLa Anthony and Jason Bolden but I know the could of done better. But I have to agree and say I love the brand name "5th and Mercer". 

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Hope you have enjoyed this post. Please comment to tell me if the new pieces from 5th and Mercer is amazing or not. 

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